The best version of you. (Positive Thought.)

How you think affects everything about you. Having a positive attitude to living is the first step in being the best version of you.

The Power of Positive

 Dominic explores Connections
We are all individuals connected by one consciousness. This one belief  can explain in a sentence the power of the mortal being.
We have come so far in a few hundred years, building, conquering and adapting that the spiritual aspect of our true form has been left behind.
Give us a challenge, a mystery to solve, and I can guarantee that we will not stop until every last detail has been reviled. But ask another who they truly are inside, I doubt if you would get a straight answer. Far too many other things to think about. Humans are masters of distraction, avoidance and perception.
How I see is not how you see. What we do not know for sure can be left open to the imagination. Just read a shelve full of books to see how different we think, yet how alike we are.
So how does this consciousness thing work ? If we are all connected why do we think so differently ?
The concept of thought is an easy one to describe. We become what we think we are. Every single thought has an origin or an influence attached. Our very first words are influenced by the people we are born to, circumstances soon follow and our lives are set out on the bases of what our parents teach us.
This is our own very first belief structure. This structure can stay in place for the rest of our lives, or move and evolve as we meet and experience new people and situations.
Understanding that there are many opinions, perceptions opens up the possibility that what we came to understand from our parents may not be the truth. Only their truth. Many other versions exist.
Now we are open to understanding, the consciousness is free to explore, send out thoughts and create new beginnings. This is where spirituality enters our own person understanding.
There is no coincidence, only thought. You send out a thought and prepare yourself to be ready to receive. This sounds simple, but if you have not prepared yourself for the pending opportunity, it could pass you by in the blink of an eye. It is one thing to ask, some may call this 'affirmation', it is another to be ready to receive. Our thoughts must be lined up to recognise. I have met many who believe in affirmation but never prepare. It is so easy only to want to believe, without committing to that belief. 
The human mind is amazing, we are all attached to this power source we know as the universe. We can all take part, but first we must get our thinking right, learn to understand what we do for others is really an exchange that helps us in return.
Get your thoughts right, use your language of choice the right way. Change the words you use if necessary. And prepare to recognise. All key to joining in with the universal consciousness.