Dominic J Zenden
Dominic is a natural spirit medium.
Since the age of 4 he has been in communication with the realm of spirit.
Dominic does not advertise or talk about this side of his life in public.
He believes that if someone needs to speak with him they will.
His years of mediumship experience include Television, Stage and Platform.
He has worked across the world, America, Canada, Australia and Europe.
Dominic's best selling book ' Spirit Motivator' Chronicle's some of his personal experiences whilst working alongside spirit.
Currently Dominic writes for 'Spirit and Destiny' magazine as an expert in such areas as,
The Paranormal.
Past Lives
Alien Life.
If you would like to book an appointment or speak with Dominic please either send a message on the form at the bottom of this page or contact him through social media.

Thank you

What people are saying about Dominic's mediumship.
I had never heard of Dominic and was recommend by a friend, so pleased that I took her advice.
Thank you for the sitting.  Claire. Notts  
Brilliant. Right from the start Dominic made me feel welcome. A true medium in every sense of the word.
James Colchester
Evidence beyond doubt. Simply the best.
Scott Perth Australia  
Make it your way to see this man. Without doubt the best I have seen in many years. A raising star in the field of spiritualism.
Margret Bridgend
Love is such a strong thing connects us all to spirit and you Dominic. Thank you.
Mary Jane.New York. USA