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2. Feb, 2018

maya labatut

Hi It’s maya .. we spoke today and yesterday via the circle line. I was touched .. and I would

Like to invite you for a lunch anytime you come to London . Just let me know and I would love to continue our conversation on other realms . Pleasure to have come across you !

7. Dec, 2017


Hello Mary. I personally love visiting Ireland, we have many friends from you part of the world. Sadly I have no plans to visit at this time, but I would like to say that if you were to invite me it would be hard to turn you down. Thank you for taking
the time to contact me, and may I wish you much love. Dominic

6. Dec, 2017

Mary Cassidy

Hi Dominic do you ever come to Ireland? Thanks Mary πŸ˜‡

24. Nov, 2017


Hello Gillian, thank you for your interest in aura profiling. Aura profiling is all about you. I can pick out the colours in your aura from the photograph you have sent me. I then write a report, or speak with you on the phone. The reading is person centred,
often working on all areas of your life. My email is Auraprofiling@gmail .com

24. Nov, 2017

Gillian Daniels

I am interested in a photograph aura reading,could you tell me more about it, Thankyou .

23. Oct, 2017

Mel Sykes

Read Coffee Cup Chatter..can't wait to read more..

24. Jul, 2017


Hello Anne-Marie.

I rarely except mediumship requests that want a phone reading. Of course each person has their own reasons but I much prefer to talk face to face if possible. Please email me at Lets see how we can arrange something away from phones.

23. Jul, 2017

Anne-Marie Whiteside

Hi Dominic, i am interested in a medium reading please by phone. Thank you

27. Jun, 2017


Good morning Dominic. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a reading please. I tried to upload my photo but it wouldn't allow me to on here. Thanks.

25. Jun, 2017


Hello Michelle

All Prices are displayed on the drop down MORE button top right Under 'SERVICES' Price List.

25. Jun, 2017


How much is a private reading 😊

18. Jun, 2017


How do I buy your Angel Art Dominic ? I love it !

18. Jun, 2017


I love your Angel Art ! Can you send me one please ? How much ?

15. Jun, 2017


Hello Hayley. Please email me at, and I will arrange an appointment for you.

15. Jun, 2017

Hayley Van Rooyen

Hi Dominic

I am going through a particularly difficult time in my life and feel terribly stuck. I was wondering how l go about booking a reading with you. Many thanks

Hayley Van Rooyen

14. Jun, 2017


I have emailed you Jilly.

14. Jun, 2017

Jilly Rogers

I'd like a psychic reading please Dominic, I've been told I have 'abilities' but I don't know how to develop them.

11. Jun, 2017


Hello Dominic