Photographic Aura Profiling

Aura Profiling is the art of reading an Aura from a photograph. Dominic writes profiles, sends distant healing and can help you cleanse your aura. Please contact Dominic on this site or e mail

Aura Photographic Profiling

How it Began

Wanting to read an aura is one thing.
Being able to is something that we all can do with practise and patience.
The harder we work the easy it becomes.
If we are not people watchers before we start learning about aura's we will soon become so.
I will spend many hours watching people.
Looking at their aura's , watching their actions.
Often the colours will show intent.
Most of what we do we never think about.
When was the last time you thought about how you walk or breath ?
Body language can tell us much about how people are, even the Chinese art of face reading which goes back hundreds of years can give us clues to what lays beneath.
But aura's don't lie. Can not be manipulated.
The energy we give out of our bodies is showing the world everything we are.
People watching is a good way of learning the meanings of the colours.
But there is another way.
Every time a photograph is taken it captures the energy that is the aura.
A freeze frame of a moment in time.
The Aborigine in Australia believes that when a photograph is taken a part of their soul is captured.
This isn't far from the truth.
What a photograph will show us is how the person was at the moment in time the photograph was taken.
Learning how to read the colours captured in the frame can be a valuable asset in understanding how that person was feeling and even thinking when that photograph was taken.
So how do we start to understand photographs ?
Aura reading is about focus. The more we look the more we see.
Photographs are no different.
To start with I would recommend a large colour photograph of just one person A4 is a good size. (You will move on to more complicated photo's in time but first lets get your eyes and mind tuned into the process.)
First choose a darkened room , no natural direct light ,so draw the curtains.
Not pitch black just enough light to see the objects in the room with you.
Close your eyes for about thirty seconds. This will help you eliminate the light from your eyes before you look at your photograph.
Now open both eyes and focus on the middle of the face , the nose is a good place to start.
Move your eyes to the top of the head just above the hair line , this might take you a few goes but stick with it. The first light you will see is a white outline this should extend around the head line.
This is normal. All colours come from white light. After a few minutes this light will split into colours, what you are looking for is the pale orange on the edge of the white outline.
Its so frustrating at first. I have taught people to read photographs but the first few times can send your eyes wild.
People who have learnt often say its like looking at those 3d puzzles that once you have the focus right pop right out of the page , reading photographic auras is very similar , but in a room with only indirect light. Once you start seeing the aura you will be hooked.
Now you can see the colours that surround the person in the frame you can move on to different types of photographs.
You will start to see photographic images everywhere you look.
Newspapers are a good sauce of many different types. If you want to practise have a look through a glossy magazine full of celebrities.
Remember there are only a few rules.
Choose a photograph that is easy to see the head , a dark background helps.
Then close your eyes focus on what your going to do , open your eyes fix your stare at the middle of the person and slowly move your glance out to the edge of the person in the photo.
What you are looking for is the outline around the person.
Remember the white light you will first see should split into the different colours.
I have found the knowledge of the colours to be the base of understanding of the photograph aura reading.
Because the aura is made up from three different layers the inner aura is the first area you will see.
The middle aura is often a primary colour, blue, red, green, or a combination of all three in different shades.
The orange outer aura or shell will have different shades of orange.
This will be weaker in some areas and in some cases holes can be seen with colours from the middle aura leaking out.
Gaps in the outer aura are not that common , but you will notice them first because of the darker mixture of colours leaking from the worn, torn , or thinning shell which is the orange outer aura.
A guide to the meaning of the colours will help you.
I have generalised the meanings to keep them simple and easy to understand when you first start looking at then reading aura's from photographs.
A blue or purple inner aura is that of a communicator , the lighter the blue the better at communication the person is.
As red mixes into the blue to form purple the more frustrated the person has become with the lack of understanding others show them.
This is an indication of a person who is struggling to get their views over.
A red middle aura is an unhappy person with many issues of mixed emotions.
Coming out to lighter shades of pinks which is typical of a person who needs to be valued ,will trust easily , even fall in love without much thought.
Green is all about the foods we eat , the pace of our bodies. Brighter greens indicate caffeine artificial stimulants.
These are the basic meanings of the primary colours.
I have gone into more details about the meanings of the different shades in (Meaningful Colours.)
Once you have mastered the meanings you will start to see trends ,familiarity between people who are surrounded by the same colours.
You might even find that your friends share more in common than they know.
We are attracted to the same colours often even though we look at people by how they talk and dress.
Photographic aura reading will change the way you look at photographs and in turn the people in your life.
With so many different ways of looking at aura's "the photograph" holds a record of how that person or people where feeling at the time of the photograph was taken.
Even black and white photo's have an energy that surrounds the images inside. Its different shades of grey but you can see how bright or if the outer aura is thin or has holes , as we already know its orange its just a matter of translating the different shades of grey into orange.
I have also noticed that when you look at a photograph the aura fades as the person grows older and eventually dies. So very old photographs hold onto very little of the energy , it evaporates as the person moves over to spirit.
This is also true of people who have died young.
Colour photographs are brilliant for making connection into spirit.
The photograph works like a window to the soul of the individual , storing information for the reader to translate.
For myself working as a medium photographs allow me to link with the person , I know by the depth of the aura whether the person is alive or has passed over , which in turn can help me make the link into spirit.
By understanding photographic aura reading then learning about how to translate the information stored , you to can link into the individual energy of the person you are looking at , and it could help you through personal experience to see that the only truth is life after life.

Aura Photographic Profiling ' APP'

Aura Life in 4D
Dominic's book about 'The Aura' Explains how Aura Photographic Profiling works.

Aura Photographic Profiling.

Every photograph captures the energy that surrounds every living object. This energy vibrates at different rates creating colours. These colours are 'The Aura'. Your Aura and the speed your body energy vibrates reveal everything about you. Your personality , your emotional state of mind , even your own wellbeing.

Aura Photographic Profiling can be used for the following.

How Another Person Is. Everything about a person is revealed in a Photograph.

Emotional State. How a person is feeling at the time of the Photograph Being taken.

Wellbeing. Health and fitness of the person at the time of the Photograph Being taken.


Dating.( Understanding how somebody is feeling and what their expectations are.)

Emotions. ( Understanding personality )

Fitness  ( Diet , wellbeing and best exercise to avoid injures )








Your Profile



Full Length
Indoors Colour Photograph.
The Aura is made up from three layers , 'Outer Aura' The protective shell that holds in the energy of a person.
The 'Middle Aura' This is the emotional and personal wellbeing including inner thoughts , intelligence , self-esteem.
The 'Inner Aura' How fit the body is , food eaten , artificial substances taken into the body , any problems with structure of the mussels or joints.
In this profile I will concentrate on the 'emotional aspects , alongside personal thinking and past issues.       
 Photographic Aura Profiling
                    This man is very protective of his own thoughts and feelings. Primarily a person who would prefer his own company. His emotional status is one of doubt , with trust being a difficult thing for him to establish. Not easy to reach or understand. (This may not be the impression he would like to give , but you could find his actions different to his words.) His aura is an indication of lacking empathy which could create confusion in his relationships. This man would make a huge effort to establish connections when first meeting a person showing the ability to communicate at every opportunity , this would subside once the relationship became more regular and familiar. A relationship could become one sided and lack direction. This man is certainly looking for others to care for him without the knowledge of how to care for others. There is also a lack of self discipline from his 'middle emotional aura'      
Aura Colours.
                  Light Orange. Green. Purple. Grey. Pink.
Outer Aura ( Light Orange )
                                         This is a man of extremes , all or nothing. At the time of this photograph being taken he is lacking in self motivation. His person energy levels are low which by it's self indicates a lack of routine or discipline in his current life. Because his energy is low this would make him a difficult person to communicate with. Could create mood changes without reason.
Inner Aura (green)
                         The food that this man is eating is affecting his emotional self. A lack of routine which would affect moods and emotions. The 'green' signature around his stomach area is an indication of highs and lows in personal energy levels , which in turn points to high caffeine , sugar or artificial simulants being taken into the body.
Middle Aura.(Purple)
                               A cross between frustration and anger. The depth of the 'purple' shows signs of emotional issues and even worries that are very firmly etched into his thinking. Emotional problems or worries that have not been dealt with from past issues. Indications that he may hold others responsible for his current situation or even the lack of control that he has over the different moods. This man has been through many emotional problems during his life time. I believe he has trust within him but the doubts may over ride his own sense of proportion. Would be difficult to understand at times because he would withdraw into his own self when facing problems or questions. Commitment although within him would have to be  seen ,unspoken though actions. 
Middle Aura (Grey)
                                Would feel trapped from time to time. The need to be alone with his own thoughts would be essential. At the time of this photograph he is working out in his thoughts what is needed to comes to terms with the direction of his current life. Could be conflicts from past relationships within his thoughts. These would arise from the need to change but the fear of doing so. 
Middle Aura (Pink)
                              The personality beneath. This man has a very giving nature and would put himself out to help others. This can mask his own inner worries and doubts. If he is helping others his own inner issues will be far away. Has the potential to be a very kind and giving man.
                   This man has to decide who he wants to be. Does he just want superficial relationships that always wind up with doubts and commitment issues or is he willing to work on his inner fears , rejection , the need to trust and understand others ? He may always be running from happiness because he is just not used to the feeling of being settled. He could also be so used to conflict within himself and those around him it could be hard to recognise genuine people who have his interests at heart.
His potential is without dispute , but it is whether or not he can settle into a life that although not trouble free could be free of emotional troubles is down to him getting his thinking right.


Aura Photograph Profiling is amazing.

Not only does it cut down the time in deciding who you would like to Date , it can explain how a current partner or friend is feeling.

It is not expensive.

A six line Profile costs only £10

A 500 word Profile Costs £50

A 1000 word Profile Costs £100 ( FREE COPY AURA LIFE IN 4D with every 1000 word Profile )

You can also book Dominic to come to your House or Pre arranged Location. He will take photographs of you , explain your Aura in personal detail and send you back a detailed Profile , all for £ 150 plus travel expenses.

Group Bookings are by arrangement.

So why not give this unique from of Aura Profiling a go , it is free to try.

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New Knowledge Aura Life in 4D

No longer do we have to be just beautiful on the inside , we can be beautiful on the outside too.
Understanding the colours that people show from their aura can remove the risk of getting involved with people who don't enhance the way we are.
We no longer have to pretend to fit.
We can be who we really are.
This has the power to change the way you live and the people who you choose to live your life with.
No longer do you need others to accept you , because you accept yourself for who you are on the inside.
No more doing things because we believe if we don't , others wont either , but overall by being a person who can read others you can see for yourself what the real meaning of truecolours is.
When we believe in ourselves we don't need to be needed , we find contentment in the moment.
How do we choose the people we want to be friends with ?
Do we leave it to chance ?
Allow others to approach us?
Far safer to be chosen rather than the chooser , no fear of rejection.
We tend to fear what we don't know.
Not many of us fully understand the opposite sex.
So are good friendships stroke relationships just down to fate and luck ?
And if they are do we achieve good results by allowing others to do all the decision making especially in the first few hours of a potential relationship?
You could believe that you might get lucky , or we may think that we never meet the right people. Either way you could be right.
Matching aura's can give us the edge when it comes to stepping up and making the first move.
We still might fear rejection , this is normal , but if we make our choices on how we see somebodies aura then we can eliminate the worry of falling for a pretty face or charming words.
Having come this far you will know the importance of self.
Get it right from a personal direction then the rest of life's harder decisions become simple.
How we feel on the inside will show out in our aura.
What we tell ourselves will occur , I remember this in one phrase "Thoughts become things".
The difference we feel once we get our thinking right is remarkable.
I see aura's around people who have been told time and time again that they can't.
This sort of tape running over and over again in your mind is enough to stop anyone thinking that life could be easier.
So begin with your own personal thoughts.
Positive mental attitude is the foundation of getting your aura right.
Put the tapes in your mind away. They haven't worked for you in the past so why would you want to keep listening ?
Changing your thoughts can be scary at first , that fear again !
But think of it this way.
Everyday you walk to work , or to the shops , the shoes you have are old but very comfortable , in the sole are a few holes but on dry days you never notice as your feet feel great.
Then it rains the water comes in and your feet feel wet and cold.
The discomfort is only just bearable , but who knows tomorrow will be sunny again you will forget how you felt on that cold wet day until the next time it rains.
So in your wisdom one day after having cold wet feet for the last time you decide to buy a brand new pair of shoes. At first the heel rubs and your toes feel cramped up , they are hard to get used to and then without noticing your feet start to feel great.
No pitching or rubbing just easy to wear , you have made the change , gone through the pain of accepting , now you're feeling the benefits and walking becomes a pleasure again.
The first step of facing change is always the hardest step.
Every single thing we do in life starts with one single thought.
We first have to realise that we need to change. If we get by in the difficult times we will accept that life is that way.
Positive mental thinking will take us away from a negative way of thinking.Our thoughts will become positive our mind will start to realise when things are wrong making the choicesearlier is the only way forward.
People who have this way of thought have clear energy in their aura's.
Again its not what we have been through its how we are now that counts.
If you let past mistakes overwhelm you then you may stay in the fear of making more bad decisions.
What this in turn will do is leave you in one place not making choices just accepting your lot as it is.
You can change this by thought. Just the fact that you have thought about this is enough to start a new way of thinking. Its that simple.
Your aura will reflect this. Its like dominoes once we start by pushing the first brick over we can't stop.
Now you don't have to accept my word for it there is a little experiment you can do for yourself.
I believe how we are thinking shows out from the energy that surrounds us.
Next time you go out try walking with your head down , shuffling along not noticing anyone , not talking or smiling , just head down.
Do what ever you have to do then return home.
( This is what most of us do when we have our minds of other things , our aura becomes tightly wrapped around us and we become unapproachable , how many people have you seen today that are hidden behind mobile phones , newspapers , M.B.3 players , you don't need to read their aura to stay away)
Now try the same journey as before but this time pick your head up , look around above your eye level , smile at people , maybe stop and talk to a few shop keepers.
Your whole experience changes because of your attitude.
This one simple thing can demonstrate that once we remove the negative thoughts or the fear our whole life changes.
We meet others who are feeling like us (like attracts like) what we send out from our aura makes the life that we live.
Every single day we have choices to make when meeting people , but the first choice we make long before we step out of our front door,is - how are we going to be "when" ? Don't let fear control the "when" moment.
Everything we are starts with a single thought.
From the moment we wake up to what we choose to wear, to the breakfast we eat to the transport we use and the job we do.
We never ever think of our lives as a cascade of decisions but it is.
Make good choices and we benefit , make bad ones and we learn , don't make a choice and we stay in the same place.
Your aura will reflect this. Learning to read other peoples aura's will help you avoid the stuck person who wants others to make their choices , decisions for them. The aura is a give away because it will be tightly moulded to them , but you might have to look out for the other signs too.
These people will only be interested in you in the first instance.
Mainly talking about how they feel without listening.
Will talk about life in an idyllic way.
How they wished things were.
Would be good at putting you at your ease , coming across non threatening even friendly, though you wouldn't have met before.
People who come in fast like this are scared.
Scared that you may find them out.
Once you have their aura in your view this will confirm how tight the energy is.
The colours to look out for are dark browns and dark blues , with middle aura energy leaking out of the orange outer aura , gaps around the head and tummy areas will just confirm this person has little of their own energy.
Stay around this person too long and you will feel drained.
All these signs will help you avoid long term contact.
Every day is an opportunity to measure yourself against your own potential , your potential to make the right choices in the people that you invite into your life.
By first understanding how your aura attracts others, then interpreting their aura can in turn give you the confidence to make the correct choices.
We know how we feel. Our emotions act as indicators of the moment. Happy or sad , our inner feelings will affect our outward behaviour.
Our moods are for others easy to pick up on.
For every single feeling , mood or emotion there is a colour that shows up in our aura.
Being able to see and interpret these colours is the very first step to understanding others , this in turn will help us create the best possible relationships.
By being able to see in others what we are looking for , we are not relying on what we hear , or more like it what we want to hear.
We will make our own judgements by what we see.
Take this along side our own personal intuition how could we fail but to form long lasting relationships? Getting our own aura right is the first step in attracting others with good aura's.
So remember "like attract like".
Just because you are seeing the colours around others doesn't mean you don't have to work on your own emotional issues.
Everything starts with self.
The better we feel , the easier good choices become.
Good relationships start with good choices.
We have to know what we want before we can tell others.
If we rely on people coming to us , all we will meet are people who are easy to meet.
That might sound like all we want , believe me it isn't.
Knowing our own mind , then our own visions then the colours that show from us we can meet people who have the same thinking.
Where we can go wrong is waiting for the right person to bump into our life. By chance. I like to think of this as No chance ! No chance of making it past the first few weeks.
The people we meet when we don't do the work ourselves are very often people who are needy or emotionally damaged.
As they don't have a big neon sign above their heads showing us all their past history we have to rely on picking up the signals.
Aura's can really help us , as long as we don't switch off the intuition we were born with.
The first impression of a person is how they look. Then the smile ,closely followed by the voice.
Believe it or not but the smell of the person affects how we see them too.
What is said is often forgotten , but the emotional , personal feel isn't.
So the first thing to remember is not to focus on the words.
People say what they think we want to hear.
The first contact should be about flirting, fun , enjoying the attention without taking it too seriously.
You may never see this person again so why worry(often we are too concerned about meeting a partner to look too deep. As long as we are hearing what we want to hear this person must be right ! )
Then we worry this person might not like us or have the same intentions or agenda's as we do. If we don't act fast we may miss out.
All this is wrong thinking.
Let me explain.
Genuine people will always act with consideration. Your needs will be front and centre of their thoughts. Acting fast wouldn't appeal.
They would want to know about you. Its not enough just to be there.
You will have to take part.
Answer questions. Not just listen.
Your skills at picking out the colours can give you an advantage.
If you can't see the aura that's fine look at the clothes.
Clothes are the first indication of how people are feeling.(The following is only true when people get to choose what they are wearing, working clothes or uniforms are very deceptive )
Starting from black and working down the scale through greys then whites. Reds , blues, yellows, greens all have meanings.
You are very likely to see these colours in their aura , people are seventy percent unconscious thinkers.
So when this person got dressed for a social event it would be driven by how they were feeling about the time ahead.
Dressing in black shows a need to be in the background , not to be noticed.
Black top is don't look at my tummy, or my chest.
Black trousers aren't so meaningful.
We normally look at the top half of a person.
But when all black is worn together it indicates" I feel bad" , don't look at me.
Not many extroverts wear all black unless its making a statement or being part of a pier group.
People with auras that are dark tend to choose dark clothing .
Black in an aura is about not being able to deal with emotional past issues , or might have concerns about health , or even at extreme be controlling negative half empty people.On a less of level be lacking in self confidence.
Not making choices.Making others responsible for how they are feeling.
As in any walk of life people who wear a mixture of colours have a balance in how they are feeling. Combinations of reds ,whites, yellows, blues greens are all good indications that the person has a personality that is lively, issues about their emotional feelings will still be in the background ,but the likely hood is they wont live their life looking for others to takeresponsibility for their feelings.
Its not what they have been through its where it has lead them to.
Remember combinations of colours are good.
All one colour can show a lack of balance.
I have already talked about black , this is what the other colours mean.
White. Dressing all in white in the western world means the person is very confident on the surface.
Wants others to notice their body.
Will often have very little to offer in a conversation.
Its enough for these people just to sit back and let others do the work.
Reliant on how they look to attract others.
Red. Dressing all in red means different things depending on gender.
Men don't often wear just red. Red is reserved in male dressing to make a statement. A hanky in the top pocket , or a pair of bright red socks. (men that do this are secretly trying to break free of a dull existence) Women who want to attract will wear a red dress.
But its not about finding a partner.Most women who choose red are normally in very happy relationships. They want to tell the world how happy they are.
So atractting people to talk to is a good way of sharing.
Blue. People who choose blue are communicators. So many different shades of blue , the most of any of the colours we wear.
By choosing to wear different shades together sends out signals of being able to listen but also that we are friendly , non aggressive.
Blue jeans have become the choice of many because of the non confrontational signal that we just want to get on with others. A relaxed way of dressing and thinking.
Green. Very few of us choose to wear green.
Just by that very fact those who do want to stand out. Its about making a statement , "I stand for".
People who go through emotional bad break ups will buy green as a sign that they are going to get on with life.
Many will do this but most believe they can't.
Green can also be deemed to be aggressive by others. Just have a look around when you go out not many choose green.
Yellow.The brave and the bold.
Yellow wearers just don't mind what others think.
Strong opinionated people with something to share.
Like being noticed , like people asking their opinions.
Good communicators, good business people with new ideas.
The colours we choose are very tell tale. How we think what we want can all be seen through the colours that we wear.
Reading another persons aura can tell us so much about who they are. Once we stop listening we can make our decisions based on what we are seeing.
In this chapter I have made two strong statements.
"Like attract like".
So before you start looking at others take a good look at yourself.
Deal with the past first.
Don't overlap emotional lives.
By changing your thinking you are changing your aura.
This will attract people who can enhance your life.
The second point is don't make others responsible for your happiness.
Be selfish.
Think about what you want from somebody who wishes to share their life with you.
Look at the colours first.
There will be plenty of time in the future to listen to each other.
One last thing. We have forgotten that relationships are FUN.
Life is not complicated.
People are !
Keep it simple don't be too fast to rush into another's life.
Enjoy the chase.
But most of all enjoy life.
We normally find what we are looking for when we stop looking.
Enjoy the moment.

Kind regards

dominic zenden