Relationship Mediation


Relationship Mediation 
Dominic is an intuitive empathetic mediator.
He has over 12 years of experience helping people understand their relationships.
Relationship mediation is designed to help couples come to a clear understanding of their partner.
Mediation can help with.
Restoring communication.
Reaching Compromise
Reinstating the purpose and value of your relationship.
Setting goals and joint visions for the future.
A way forward
Sessions can be arranged jointly or individually.
In Person or via Phone or internet link.
Dominic is the best selling author of the Book Coffee Cup Chatter ( Helping Adults understand Relationships.)

What People are Saying

This is what people are saying about Dominic.
This man is so different, brilliant thank you from both of us. Donna K
I wanted to say how much I personally appreciated the insights, knowledge and care of Dominic Zenden. This man has helped me and in turn helped my family. I will always be grateful. Nigel B
A massive debt of gratitude is owed. Thank you for saving my marriage. James J
Never too late speak with this man. Ruth. U
Thank you a million times. You are the best. Lucy E