The Chain of Hugs


This group was formed because of an idea after a random meeting. . I met a man who had been through just about everything. Bereavement, Separation, Prison, Addiction. But this man was not a victim, he was a survivor. A strong person with the will to fight. I shared his story and the reaction was amazing. None judgemental, empathic, caring and above all positive. This man was strong, he was a survivor, but the past still haunted him. I wrote the messages that had been posted on Facebook on cards and gave them to him. A reminder of how others saw him. These cards saved his life. He confided in me that he had been planning to lay down on the railway line. No fuss just silently disappear from this world. The Chain of Hugs ( Thank you Jackie for the name ) was born from this. We all go through something unique to us. Many have been through their own unique struggle. I wanted to bring the knowledge , love and support together. It could make a difference. I want to thank each and everyone who has decided to add their unique individuality to the chain. Tell your friends, family and anyone you believe who would like to become a part of what is fast becoming a fantastic group of lovely people. Dominic Zenden ( Founder of 'Chain of Hugs')

Join the Chain

If you would like to join this group on Facebook please either put my name into FB search or email me at 

Look forward to seeing you there.