1. Music Therapy.
    My working day can be stressful, understanding, listening, helping, even caring, nothing for me is too much trouble for the people who find themselves talking with me. Part of my work includes 'Music Therapy'. I ask people to bring with them the music they love. We play it and talk about the memories attached, good or bad.
    The songs allow for much openness. Memories come flooding back and time is well spent talking away from, or straight to the point of. Beyo...nd anything I do this therapy works amazingly.
    Music Therapy is there always, a window that you can look through, a bridge between the then and now.
    Reflection time gives us a chance to put the past to rest, deal with emotions and hurt, laughter and tears. These sessions are very popular and proving extremely successful.
    So dust off those old 45's grab your cassette tapes, rummage through that CD collection. Your whole life has a musical sound track that is uniquely yours.

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Dominic has a background in Psychology and Speech Based Therapies.
Mynd Therapy
Music Therapy
Personal Profiling
Each Therapy is designed to help with the understanding of 'self'
How to cope with anxiety.
Understanding your personal thoughts
Direction. How to choose your own identity.
Good decision making
Understanding dynamics of those we live and work with. 
You can also read Dominic's book on how to - 
'Find and Create' Good personal Relationship. 
Coffee Cup Chatter is Dominic's Best selling Book 
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Thank you Dominic never ever heard of music being used in this way. Worked for me, Thank you. Sue K

Love, love, love you and what you are doing. Told 2 of my close friends about you. George H

Kind, caring and supportive. Thank you 

Dominic is the best kept secret I will not be telling anyone about him, I want to keep him all for myself ! 

Beyond Good. David T

Just simply thank you. Highly recommended. H.T.M

Coffee Cup Chatter Introduction


We all have time to sit and chat with friends over coffee , our hopes and dreams stretching out in front of us as we share a cup that has been individually tailored to match our mood. Hot and sweet when tired , bitter and concentrated when we are ready to face the world , with our different moods manufactured in a cup. Coffee brings us together , its the excuse we need to stop , its the reason behind talking and sharing life experiences.
Life can be reflected in our habits , we can run our lives like we drink our coffee. Different moods for different days , different approaches for different people , we can also run around making coffee for everyone , if it makes them happy and totally forget about our 'own' needs!
Our relationships are the corner stone that our lives are built on. Getting them right can lead to contentment beyond belief , get them wrong and we have to keep going around and around in circles , beyond frustrating. So where do we start to understand who we are ? Well our first place of choice is sitting down with a cup of coffee discussing our life or listening to our friends problems. To understand who we are we have to get the thoughts from inside our heads to outside. When we constantly think about something it will drive us insane. Just talking about how we feel allows us to hear our own thoughts , share the thoughts of others , realise we are not alone in how we feel. So sharing a coffee with a close friend can be the best therapy ever. If we choose to keep our frustrations to ourselves we become volcano's , something at some stage will push us off the edge , we will explode and end up doing something we may regret.
Understanding 'self' is the key to understanding relationships. Are we repeating the same behaviour time after time without even realising it , or could we be so uncertain about what we want we allow others to decide for us ? The truth is the same for relationships as it is for any part of our lives - the harder we work at something the better we get. If you want to fear or put no effort in that will be what you get back , people who are so afraid or fearful or emotionally dysfunctional that any relationship won't work. The more effort you are prepared to put in , the better choice of relationships you will find. Its not enough to go in blind or with the opinion that others must approach you. This is your life , its about learning the knowledge you need to make the right choices.By preparing to succeed you will , knowing the way to think you can avoid the pain and have so much more time to do the things in life that brings contentment.