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Mediumship, Aura's, Past Lives, Psychic Development, Alien's and Ghost's, Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Séance Ouija Broad.  Ghost Visual, Haunted Loctation.
5. Mar, 2018

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Learn To Read Tarot at The Maids Head Norwich

Tarot reading can be fun

Learn to Read Tarot in a Special Day at The Maids Head Hotel Norwich, With Spirit and Destiny Magazine's Expert Dominic Zenden.

Would you like to read Tarot ? Turn a hobby into money ? Or just amaze your family and friends.

Join me Dominic Zenden at 'The Maids Head Norwich' for a day of Tarot discovery.

In the comfort of one of the oldest hotels in England, you will discover,

How to read your own Tarot Cards.

The Meanings. The Spreads. How to perform a professional Reading.

The History and Background of the Tarot.

For dates and details please e mail Dominic direct  



Dominic has been reading Tarot for forty years. With over 1600 private sitting to his credit.
He has written 5 books. Appeared on his own Sky TV show reading Tarot. And is an Expert for Spirit and Destiny Magazine. Dominic will be at the Maids Head Norwich teaching Tarot in these superb surroundings.

Tarot in a Day



A day of Tarot at The Maids Head Norwich

9am - 9 45.  Arrival. (Drinks and Meet Dominic)

9.45 - 11.00. An Introduction to Tarot. History and Beginnings. 

11.05 - 12.00.Choose your Tarot. ( A free pack of Tarot Cards to Explore with Dominic.)

12.05 - 12.50. Lunch. Stay at the hotel or choose one of the local Public Houses or Wine bars. Or bring your own the choice is yours

1.00  - 2.00.  Spreads. ( Learn the spreads that you can use in your readings.)

2.10 - 3.00. Tarot Reading. (Putting everything Together)

3.10 - 4.00. Questions and Answers. ( Ask Dominic anything about Tarot.)

4. 10. Departure. 

Dominic's aim is to offer support and help after the Day. So you will always be able to talk and ask Dominic questions as you start your own Tarot reading career.  

Dominic Talks Tarot

Tarot can be a very useful form of helping understand your future. If you would like to learn Tarot, or if you are interested in having Dominic read Tarot for you.

A Brief Introduction to Tarot Reading

Dominic has been reading Tarot for forty years.

In this brief introduction to the art of reading Tarot cards Dominic explains how 'simple' is best.

If you would like to learn Tarot Dominic can teach you the basics in one lesson.

He runs Master Classes 'Understanding Tarot'.

Or can arrange private lessons.

Contact Dominic via this website or email

Lessons in Tarot (Death Card)

Not all Tarots Cards are as they appear at first glance. The Death Card is the one most feared when it turns up in a reading. The meaning 'change' is often missed.

The Tarot

How to Read Tarot 
Whether you are just reading for friends, or charging for a professional Tarot reading knowing how to start, which spread to use and how far to go will assist you in getting the best from your Tarot Cards.
A few simple rules.
Tarot Deck
Choose a Tarot Deck that you and your sitter can relate to. (Fancy cards are all well and good but are often to complicated for either party to understand clearly.)
Tarot Meaning
Place your own meanings on each card. Do not rely on the booklet. ( The instruction booklet has been written by somebody else with somebodies else's meanings. You will work better with your guides by using your own meanings. Plus you will remember your own personal understand of each card. This in turn will allow your readings to run smoothly from one card to the next.)
The spread.
Experiment with your own spreads. Lay your Tarot cards out in a way that suits you.
Each reading should flow, consist of three individual spreads - 'past', 'present', and 'future'. Each time the Tarot deck should be re- shuffled.
Tarot should be an enjoyable experience for both the reader and the sitter.