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19. Mar, 2018


How many of us look up ? 
Our world consists of an eye level view that never changes.
The same applies to our understand of the world. How many of us think we might be wrong ?
Opinions are formed mainly to suit the person. Personal experience, friends and family being the main influence.
So how do we become aware of anything ?
Something catches our eye, or we sense an intrigue and wish to find out more.
Because discovering is natural, our curiosity will come first, then the enjoyment of learning.
The subjects that bore us, or we have little aptitude for we dismiss.
Personal experience is the exception.
We may wish to understand why something happens. We may want to understand another persons actions. These are motivating factors to why we go out of our way to solve or learn.
Awareness of your own world is personal to you. It means nothing to me. How you formed your belief structures, just does not matter to me as an individual.
You are unique, not another human being has had your experiences, been party to your conversations, lived your agonies or celebrated your joys. What you are is a collection of memories, drawn together by thought, emotion and opinion. My awareness is different. If I want to share your truth I will find you, I do not need you to find me.
If I am not aware of you my life is still unique.
Like a sales man knocking on my front trying to sell me something that I do not want or need. I am likely to close my front door fast. If I want to know, I will find you. Please do not make me aware of things I do not need.
18. Mar, 2018


Have it all

We can have everything, we just have to understand how the universe works.
Some man made concepts first. Time. Money. Fiction. Lies. 
Just the four words mentioned are enough to see how man has made it his way to dominate through need.
First we are shown what we could have. Then told we must have. Then rewarded for work by money. Then told we can exchange. The sum goes like this. Time = Money = Need = Time. The more time we spend working the more money we earn the more needs we have ! A truly viscous circle.
The 'time' and 'Lies' = fiction. Just because we are told something does not make it true.
The fact is we need very little. Warmth, food and shelter. All the rest are just what we believe we need.
From the invention of money as currency for anything man has been corrupt. It is the one true evil that consumes us all, no one is exempt.
A world of exchange, where everyone works for free. No money, no need, just availability. No class, no rich, no poor. Hard to imagine because we live I a world that is based on 'want' and 'need'. Greed takes over and status denotes your place in society.
I wonder if man will ever just get back to living for life stake, not just for acquirement.  
18. Mar, 2018

How Fragile we are. 

Up to just a few years ago many believed Earth was unique in the universe, the only blue and white planet with an atmosphere. How wrong we were.
Earth like planets are everywhere. The nearest 18 light years away ! Still out of reach with the technology we currently have. But we know that planet is out there. 
This one piece of knowledge changes everything. From a standing start, man has been able to look across our little piece of the galaxy. And one day I am sure the human race will walk on other Earth like planets.
This gets me to thinking, how would that work with religion ? Do we have to grow up first and accept that religion is man made ? Stories passed down to explain things that now science has the answers for ?
How many of us are ready for this truth ?
I look around and see many still live with faith being the backbone of their lives.
Strange that religion would still have it's hold over so many, knowing what we know.
Could it be that as mortals we need to believe that there is a superior intelligence ? Something to blame ? To praise ? To look up to ? Without this we could feel very responsible and alone.
At this time in Earths history we do not have to make up stories to understand, science has an explanation. We do not have to look to the heaven's and wonder, we know. Now is the time to understand how powerful thought is. How connected we could be with our universal neighbour's. But first we might have to let go of age old explanations that no longer fit.
17. Mar, 2018

Living with Ghosts

Yesterday is gone and now is far away, nothing we can change, nothing that we can say.
What has been written or spoken is now part of our history. We have to live with it.
The ghosts that we have in our minds are all our yesterday's.
Deeds, actions haunt us throughout time and our memory which should be our friend, sometimes is not.
How you hold yourself under provocation determines your tomorrow's.
When we come up against, lairs, cheats and thieves it is not to become one it is stand to the side knowing accountability will some day come calling, even if it is for that person to have to live with the memories they have created for themselves. As I said deed and actions can not be altered once applied.
I look at these people in this way, - once I recognise them for their true self it helps me make the right choices. I know whether these people pretend to be your allies they are not. Compulsion to lie, to steal will be with them always, but I will not.
The markers people show can save a lot of hurt if you take notice. 
14. Mar, 2018

"In a world full of people only some want to fly. Seal (Crazy)"