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11. Jan, 2018

Fire with Fire
I personally find it difficult when dealing with extremes. all good or all bad. I think there is a mixture of both within us all.
The people we choose to socialise with, stay close to or even marry have a profound effect on who we become.
If you are so naïve you can not see extremes then maybe you could be living in a prefect world of your own making. Avoiding the real issues hoping they might go away. Our need, we often come before we create our own prefect world.
The trouble is that those who set out to deceive become very good at it, often taking what they need without thought of consequence or emotion. They use the fact that many of us want to live in peaceful co existence to weave their deceptive plans.
The people you surround yourself with reflect who you become. Stand next to deceitful manipulative uncaring self obsessed be very careful.
The warm, empathic caring people are hard to find, they stay hidden, mainly because the manipulators.
You can never be kind enough, you can never go too far to help another, but get to know who you are dealing with first. Know your folk ! A simple solution to understanding who you may become.

10. Jan, 2018

I have never been one to judge on what I see, the truth is if you decide on this course of action the likelihood is you will get most situations wrong. Nothing is how it first looks.
Fast to judge long to figure out !
So how can we stop ourselves being judgemental ?
Inner calm helps. Having that stillness prevents judgement.
When life is hassle lead, I believe you will find difficulty in many. Worry about everything, and judge many that you meet on first appearance. This would fulfil your own beliefs that life is about what people do to you. ,
Where as when you reserve judgement through inner calm, every person you meet has something that could help you. A very small change of thinking, but when used can open up endless possibilities.

7. Jan, 2018

Boxing Clever.
Have you ever had one of those conversations where the other person keeps having a sneaky digs alongside the dialog ? Just enough to let you know they do not like you.
I had this disguised exchange in a shop with what felt like a superior shopkeeper. I could feel the tension in her voice, but she also wanted to sell me an expensive item.
Maybe I am too sensitive, but I will not be returning or recommending her shop.
This got me thinking why do something that makes you angry ? You either do it with good grace or not at all.
Attitude has to be right.

6. Jan, 2018

You're time will come , as long as you know what you want.
Having direction in you're thinking is the first step to having direction in you're life. People who don't know what they want will just drift by waiting for things to happen.
So if you want to fulfil you're potential then visualise yourself doing the things that you have always wanted to do. We all have dreams , we can all achieve our desires.
The power of thought and body language combined is immense. When we walk with purpose we will find a new way of believing. When believing isn't enough , visualisation can become a valuable friend. Place photo's , or phrases around you're home in places that you regularly sit. Reminders of how you want to feel , look o
and think. Don't rely on keeping everything in you're head.

5. Jan, 2018

My Childhood Room (Part 14)
Please believe me I wanted to be good , could it have been the circumstances that made me who I was ? The need for attention ? Or was I just born with the devil inside ? I was not even ten , yet I felt responsible for everything. Emotional guilt played a big part in my growing up years , both my parents would have struggled to understand why I had such a need to misbehave , play jokes on anyone who came my path and just be downright naughty. I know the joke shop aided and abetted me in my behaviour but looking back now with the eyes of an adult I was the child from hell.
I never went anywhere not tooled up ! Pockets blogging to the top with mustard sweets , water pistols and fake poo.
My fathers brother , my uncle Jeff lived and worked in Chelmsford , Essex. Once a year we would all get into the Morris Marina to visit , not that far away. I remember the house , with the long garden , fish pond , tortoise called Max , my cousin Rosalyn and auntie Joan. All together we would refer to them as the 'J's'.
These visits would be extremely dull. Not much to do for us children , Ros was still young just about walking but no fun to play with , so we had to find our own amusement. I have been told since , though I have no memory of it at all ,that I spent a couple of hours picking out the stones from the pebble dashed front of my Uncles home. This sounds like me , I was always on the look out for round smooth shiny pebbles for my catapult. I had learned that if you fired them at an angle to the ground the round smooth pebbles would rick a shay off making a loud bullet like sound. This activity would keep me occupied for hours. Could well be why I dismantled my uncles pebble dash ! Inside the house my father and his brother would spend time together , chatting , whilst auntie Joan would cook lunch. You can never appreciate the work that goes into these Sunday lunch time treats , the preparation and organising would have been hard work with the six of us landing on her doorstep. I admire her tolerance of us all looking back. My uncle Jeff was always funny , he had a dry sense of humour , gave the impression of not liking children that much , I'm sure that was just an impression , his humour was brilliant and we would often be in fits of laughter at his stories of childhood. Auntie Joan was just kind. We all loved her very much. A lovely lady in my eyes who would take time to explain , chat and just be interested in us all. Totally different from my own mother.
Remember when I said I just could not help myself , I just had to play jokes on everyone. My auntie Joan was no exception.
On one visit auntie Joan was doing what she always seemed to do , cook. The kitchen was very busy , children running under and passed her legs as she went busily about her work. The 'J's' had a cat , not sure how long the cat had been part of their family but it was a beautiful female tabby , grey and black , not that old. Me being me decided that it was an opportune moment too good to miss. From my pocket I took out a large piece of fake dog poo. No exaggeration this fake poo must have been half the size of the cat ! Placed it down on the kitchen floor randomly , and calmly walked over to auntie Joan , tap her on the arm and without words pointed to the very realistic pile of poo. Now sometimes when you play jokes on people you hardly get a reaction , this was not one of those times ! Auntie Joan leapt into action , like I had never seen before , swearing and shouting at the poor animal , I just remember this poor startled cat looking bemused , as in one sharp movement and without giving it a moments consideration , auntie Joan had picked up the cat by the scruff of it's neck with one hand , opened the back kitchen door with the other hand and thrown the still shocked cat out with such force I could hear the thud as it hit the fence on the neighbour's side of the drive way. You naughty , naughty , naughty cat she continued slamming the back door with such temper that my father , uncle , brother sister and mother all came rushing into the kitchen to see what on earth was going on. Now picture the scene , there is now a crowd , all waiting for my auntie to explain , expectant expression etch on each individual face. I walk over to the fake poo rather sheepishly pick it up , walk over to my auntie and hand it too her with a large grin of 'got you' stretched across my young innocent face , from one ear to the other. Red faced and breathing rather too heavily the shock on her face was genius. An unforgettable moment. Poor auntie Joan she did not deserve that , she just wanted to be kind to everyone. Just hope she forgave me , Ros never did !