11. Jan, 2018

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Fire with Fire
I personally find it difficult when dealing with extremes. all good or all bad. I think there is a mixture of both within us all.
The people we choose to socialise with, stay close to or even marry have a profound effect on who we become.
If you are so naïve you can not see extremes then maybe you could be living in a prefect world of your own making. Avoiding the real issues hoping they might go away. Our need, we often come before we create our own prefect world.
The trouble is that those who set out to deceive become very good at it, often taking what they need without thought of consequence or emotion. They use the fact that many of us want to live in peaceful co existence to weave their deceptive plans.
The people you surround yourself with reflect who you become. Stand next to deceitful manipulative uncaring self obsessed be very careful.
The warm, empathic caring people are hard to find, they stay hidden, mainly because the manipulators.
You can never be kind enough, you can never go too far to help another, but get to know who you are dealing with first. Know your folk ! A simple solution to understanding who you may become.