Life Advice . Daily Thought.

18. Jan, 2018

Do you believe in Aliens ?
Most of us do without even realising it. Angels are excepted in culture without question across the world.
Do you believe in reincarnation ? Again many religions across the planet are agreed on the reserection.
So we all agree that Alien life exists and reincarnation is highly likely. Now lets take this a step further. The universe, that wide expanse of space, filled with stars, planets and mystery. We are starting to explore and discovering many possabilties including planets where life is highly likely.
Lets now put all three together, Alien life forms, reincarnation and life supporting planets. Could it be that we have many life times on many planets across our vast universe ? Once the thought has occurred it is a very compelling argument that this just might be so.

17. Jan, 2018

The joy of letting go.
I think so I am is a famous phrase that examines consciousness. The very fact that you can form thoughts, express emotions, have opinions, simply means you are conscious.
What you choose to do with your awareness is up to you.
Nothing changes if you sit down and do nothing. The joy of living, breathing and acting may be diluted, but you still have consciousness. The fact is you have a choice to act, or not act.
Next is the sum of who we become because of choice. Every action, every thought, each time you laugh or cry is a choice that you have made, at some time.
Allowing the past to effect the now is madness. Dreaming of a better future is just as crazy. The moment you let go is the second that you have choice, the choice of now. I will often say to people if you do not choose to live life in the moment you better get good at undoing buckles, because the straight jacket you will be putting yourself in, is very difficult to get off !

16. Jan, 2018

Karma now there is a subject. Can we believe that there is a divine plan to equal every wrong ?
The romantic concept works for me but the detail takes a little more understanding.
Each one of us is connected to the next and so on. Being kind to other's is akin to being kind to yourself. The opposite is also applicable.
We live the life we deserve to live. This is the first test of karma. No time in spirit, so our deeds become who we are. Kind loving and free, or paranoid, frozen and hateful. This is instant karma, becoming how we think.
No lessons or revenge just who we are truly inside.
We choose to live the way we do.
So is karma real ? I sure there is something behind it. But I believe it comes out in the way we think.

15. Jan, 2018

We have no right to anything.
I found myself talking to a angry person. They wanted to blame their ex partner for all the discord that was currently present.
The if's came out first, if things had been different, if they had not done this, done that.
I took a long deep breath and just listened. I did not like to ask about self responsibility. Their part in this traumatic personal situation, though believe me I wanted too.
All people want is to be told they are right, how hard done by they have been, and they are right. Their ears are closed to anything else.
If I could have said something this is what I would have said, -
You have no right to anything. Relationships are made by two people being honest from the start. Understanding your partner and wanting the best for them is a good approach. Establish trust, alongside empathy. Look at your partner as an extension of yourself.
Somehow I do not think he would have heard me.

12. Jan, 2018

Be gentle of the use of power.
Knowledge is all the power that we need, but once we have that knowledge we must be gentle in our use.
I truly believe that only the wealthy get justice, they can pay for those who have knowledge. Money is a shortcut to anything.
If you can not pay for another's knowledge then you either have to find the right books, everything is written down, or go without.
As none of us can just step back from the society that we were born into, we must seek and recognise without being obsessed.
Know what you are looking for.
Prepare to use new knowledge.
Know when to stop and let go.
We all need a multi dynamic personality, whilst being true to your core values.