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21. Mar, 2018


Maybe it is something to do with age, but there comes a time when you just can not be bothered by people.
I am not talking about my friends, these people are welcome to call, visit or approach me at any time. It is the people who constantly bombard me with requests, needs and wants, never to be seen again.
I have figured out that when you ask them to do something for you they are too busy tapping up others, freeloading their way through life.
Friendship is about many things, but most are not your friend.
I was talking to man who I have a friendship with about this. He just happens to be high up in his organisation. He just said- "everyone uses everyone".
Sort of sums it up !
A few things to keep in mind.
People only get back fast when there is something in it for them.
Friends are those who make time for you when there is nothing in it for them.
Many will take for free even if they do not need.
Value starts with self. If you do not value who or what you are do not expect others to value you.
Like I said I'm not sure how much I like people, maybe it is an age thing.
20. Mar, 2018

"What do you want ?
What do you need to do to achieve this ?
What are you waiting for ?"

20. Mar, 2018


I do not believe in fate, the whole prospect that things happen just because does not fit with my thinking.
But I do however believe in 'thoughts becoming things.
Every single thing that we do starts with a single thought !
As incredible as that sounds it is true. If you think and believe you can affect the universe.
The power of positive.
Everything your life is and will be starts with how you think.
Not easy to think that way when life is tough. But think back, most of us know when we are making right choices. The only time we may doubt or question is when we allow others to make those choices for us. (Which by choice is another choice !)
Crazy even when we cop out and let others take control, it is still our choice to do so.
I hear often people saying life is only as good as the effort you make to make it so.
I would go a step further, your life is only as good as the decisions you make. So many of us leave this vital part of our lives to others.
Being responsible, is a big part of being mortal. As is being lazy. Not taking a risk. Leaving it up to another.
There is only one of you. You know what is right for you. So do not let greed, anger, dictate. Follow your first instincts and make life happen for yourself. Do not rely on others. 
20. Mar, 2018

Yesterday alone this blog was read by over 1,000 people. 

Everyday I will write a comment or a thought on something that happened the day before. 

Zen Blog is now climbing the charts and is currently in the top 100 blogs.

Each one of you have made that happen.

Thank you.

Dom.  (


19. Mar, 2018

"Once something is a passion, the motivation is there."