Life Advice . Daily Thought.

11. Dec, 2017

My ever changing moods.
My emotional state of mind is clearly linked to the amount of sleep, type of food and company that I keeping.
Sleep is rare and precious, the body is making up for lack of sleep with imposing it on me unexpectedly when I'm not thinking. Food is of little appeal but yet again the body is stepping in with cravings. I find myself reaching for strongly flavoured snack foods almost unconsciously. They are eaten before I have a chance to think. My body does not need a brain to look after it's self.
As for the people who have gathered around me, this has been way from my control. But how grateful I am that there has been those who care. Words seem inadequate to express how much this has meant.
My autopilot has been extremely good. So good that I considering giving up thinking and just letting my body guide the way. Do we really need to think ? Could cutting out the thinking allow a path that may have been walked before to stand out like a clearing in a forest ?

10. Dec, 2017

Stressful Situations.
There is nothing like a full on stressful situation to indicate that you are alive. The body is amazing. Without eating or sleeping for days you can still come up with the strength.
I am seeing my own personal self in a different way.
Perception is my friend. Seeing from different angles helps me discover strategies that could have past me by. Every problem has a solution you just have to find that path in your mind.
Making my mind up to look at every single possibility, seek advice and open up my reasoning to scrutiny, needing to understand that I could be wrong, has given me an edge.
Certain things I can not stop nor change. Those will be left unchallenged. No point in fighting if you do not think the outcome would be the one you want. My energy will be targeted into the battles I will win.

9. Dec, 2017

Little acts of kindness.
Life goes on, the shopping must be shopped for, present wrapped, cards sent. Nobody know what your world is.
I managed to get the shopping list wrote, and the trolley full, I am an useless shopper. The supermarkets dream customer. I could see the checkout was free from the end of the isle, so I rushed to make it before a little old lady with enough food to feed the whole nation got there first.
But in my exertion my recent cough took over and I could hardly manage a good morning between the lungs of air needed.
The checkout lady smiled, went to her bag and gave me a cough sweet. How kind, it is the little acts of kindness that make the world a better place.
We struck up a conversation, in which she told me that her father was 84 today and her family were going to hold a celebration later.
I smiled back and she gently "Look after him, you never know how long they are going to be around".
With that I wished her a very happy Christmas and thanked her once again for her kindness.
I am still sucking that cough sweet now whilst I write this, a small reminder of how many good people are about.

8. Dec, 2017

All wars are not won in a day. A series of battles a combination of force and negotiation, will decide the outcome. Each battle it's own very individual war. Winning a battle does not mean you have won, just the opposite. The fact you had to go to war in the first place means that you have lost. But the fact remains that when unreasonable people try to impose their will you have little choice than to stand up for yourself.
There is no arguing with irrational or dysfunctional.
Life is not fair. So sorry that their are those of you who think it might be. Scheming, lying and cheating should never come out on top. Though sometimes it will. We all know the truth deep inside. Anyone who uses a religious ceremony to score points is wrong and should be ashamed. But like I said no reasonable person would do this. If they try they should be met with resistance so strong that they can not achieve their goal of belittlement.

7. Dec, 2017

There is a time for everything. Time to celebrate, time to mourn, time to laugh, and a time to cry. But there is never enough time for the things in life that we would never let go of if given a choice.
Sadly every relationship ends in sadness, but the memories that have been created will always remind etched in our hearts and souls. Just make sure the memories are good ones because you could have a long time to think about them. When I say a long time I mean eternality. How you act will define you, and then become you.
It is said that how we act during difficult times is far more defining. There is always time for dignity and empathy.